The Pacific Rim Group


Business Support for Entrepreneurs and Innovators.

Areas of Practice


Director and business advisory services

The Pacific Rim Group's team have served as directors of numerous public and private companies in Hong Kong, China, Canada and the US. They are experienced in all aspects of corporate governance and have undertaken audit, compensation and special projects activities as well as routine operational oversight. Mr. Henderson is experienced in the role of an independent director and has extensive experience in the role of chairman.


Corporate executives from small and large firms alike need solid financial data to make better business decisions. This information should be accurate, up-to-date, and readily available in formats that are flexible and easy to understand. We provide a full range of accounting, financial advice and bookkeeping services to a range of small and medium sized companies in Hong Kong and Vancouver. Whether it's detailed financial statements or cash flow analysis, we have the experience and skills to deliver savings and improvement to your business by taking care of your 'back office' accounting functions. We also provide the analysis and guidance you require to move forward with confidence. Our services include:

We offer a comprehensive range of accounting services including:

  • Providing all accounting functions ranging from cheque payments to preparation of financial statements;
  • Developing fully integrated computerized accounting systems;
  • Monthly bookkeeping and reporting;
  • Improving and modifying accounting systems;
  • Preparing financial information to facilitate audits;
  • Tax planning
  • Business valuations;
  • Assistance with pricing decisions and equipment purchases; and
  • Cash flow management.

Outsourcing your accounting requirements gives you access to skilled financial staff and the quality control you require. While you streamline and maintain your accounting and financial systems, you also lower fixed overheads and decrease personnel costs. More importantly - your time is freed up to pursue vital strategic objectives.

We are ideally located to facilitate your accounting and financial requirements, with offices in Hong Kong and Vancouver. Our versatile team of professionals are fluent in English, Cantonese and Mandarin. Contact us at either office to discuss how we can support your growth in the Pacific Rim.

Entrepreneurial counselling

The Pacific Rim Group works with growing, owner-managed companies active in both Asia and North America. The focus of this service is on helping entrepreneurs achieve their goals. Entrepreneurs face a unique set of challenges in the market place, particularly in terms of implementing effective financial, accounting and operational controls required to manage growth. Pacific Rim provides a broad range of management support and expertise, which allows the entrepreneur to focus on areas where they provide the most value to the business.


Hong Kong, China and Other Jurisdictions

We have formed and administered over 200 companies for clients. We act on your behalf as Company Secretary to establish and manage your company which can be incorporated in Hong Kong, China and other appropriate offshore jurisdictions. Our services include:

Registered Office

Hong Kong companies are required to maintain a registered office in Hong Kong. The company's statutory records must be retained at the registered office and the Government must have the ability to serve notices upon the company as required. Our registered office service ensures full compliance with the Companies Ordinance.

Correspondence Address

We offer a mailing address service to receive our clients’ incoming mail. We can deal with such mail directly or forward to an authorized person.

Director Services

For administrative purposes, it is sometimes convenient for owners to appoint our nominee company as a director of their company. In this capacity, we can execute documents on behalf of the company as well as handle banking and other operational transactions.

As Company Secretary we will prepare and submit all company incorporation documents including share certificates; complete company register formalities, Business Registration Certificate and the Memorandum and Articles of Association. Clients are provided with a company seal, company kit, the share certificate book and the company chop.

On an annual basis, we will prepare director's minutes, notices and members minutes regarding Annual General Meetings, Annual Returns and the fulfillment of all statutory requirements to maintain the company in good standing with the appropriate Government.

Our team of Western and Chinese professionals has the experience to set up your offshore incorporation quickly and efficiently.


The Pacific Rim Group provides consulting services to local and international businesses, from start-up ventures to established operations, including:

  • Preparing and evaluating business plans
  • Preparing feasibility studies and assessment reports for public and private companies
  • Facilitating partnership structures and agreements
  • Producing forecasts and budgets
  • Providing advice and guidance regarding business start-ups
  • Re-organizing corporations for tax and other purposes
  • Raising capital from private and institutional investors
  • Investor relations for public and private companies in both Asia and North America.


The Pacific Rim Group's corporate representation services are a cost-effective way for overseas clients to maintain a presence in Hong Kong or Vancouver, as well as for locally-based professionals and entrepreneurs who do not require a full-time office.

Our services include:

  • Introduction of potential business contacts
  • Mail,
  • Accounting and banking support
  • Message and correspondence forwarding facilities

These services are an ideal way to make your first step in building an Asian or North American presence.

Our Track Record


Some of our more notable accomplishments include:

  • Co-Founded SSC Properties Ltd.  to acquire a large parcel of land for development into an integrated, highly sustainable community comprising an international board high school, hotel, agriculture land and a wide variety of mixed use residential properties.
  • John R. Henderson appointed to the board of directors for British Columbia Ferry Services Inc. (one of the largest ferry operators in the world.)
  • John R. Henderson appointed Independent Chairman of GTES, LLC, a worldwide paging equipment sales and support company.
  • Appointed advisor to a Shanghai-based environmental products company (which is owned and operated by local Shanghai investors.)
  • Founded, an e-commerce retailer of Asian entertainment products.
  • Raised over C$10M for a publicly listed Canadian headquartered telecom company.
  • Negotiated the sales of two Canadian public company shells resulting in substantial returns to the shareholders.
  • Recipient of the Voyageur Award, presented by the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong to the Most Entrepreneurial Canadian business in Hong Kong.
  • North American marketing representative for one of the largest foreign owned industrial parks in China.
  • Financial advisor for the first listing of a Hong Kong-based company by way of an initial public offering on the Vancouver Stock Exchange.
  • Arranged the first inter-listing of a Hong Kong-based company on a North American exchange.
  • Developed $4 million of direct first-time sales of Ontario food products into the Hong Kong and China markets, while Asia Pacific representative for the Government of Ontario's Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs.
  • Successfully completed a China market research project for a major multinational at a time when larger firms were unable to offer the service. This research facilitated the client's first joint venture in China.
  • Helped establish, fund and grow one of Hong Kong's leading pub and restaurant groups. It now has a chain of establishments in Asia and North America.
  • Successfully raised equity and debt capital for a variety of clients in a broad range of industries in both Asia and North America.
  • Provide complete accounting systems support including computerization and outsourcing services to local Hong Kong companies and the Asian subsidiaries of multinational companies.
  • Formed and administered over 200 companies for clients establishing operations.