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Advising International Businesses and Entrepreneurs Since 1986

The Pacific Rim Group works with growing, owner-managed companies active in both Asia and North America. The focus of this service is on helping entrepreneurs achieve their goals. Entrepreneurs face a unique set of challenges in the market place, particularly in terms of implementing effective financial, accounting and operational controls required to manage growth. Pacific Rim provides a broad range of management support and expertise, which allows the entrepreneur to focus on areas where they provide the most value to the business.



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Success Stories


We have helped create and build numerous new ventures in the tourism, real estate, education and technology fields. A commitment to Innovation is at the core of our focus.


Provide complete accounting systems support including computerization and outsourcing services to local Hong Kong companies and the Asian subsidiaries of multinational companies.

Market Research

Successfully completed a China market research project for a major multinational at a time when larger firms were unable to offer the service. This research facilitated the client's first joint venture in China.


Founded, an e-commerce retailer of Asian entertainment products, and raised in excess of US$10M to finance the development of this business.


Helped establish, fund and grow one of Hong Kong's leading pub and restaurant groups. It now has a chain of establishments in Asia and North America.

Corporate Administration

Formed and administered over 200 companies for clients establishing operations.


The first step is to establish that something is possible; then probability will occur.
— Elon Musk


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